I am a second generation Oregonian,  born in Bend, Oregon, grew up in Portland and now living in Eugene. After graduating from PNCA with a BFA degree in painting and drawing, I became a member of Blackfish Gallery for several years, while teaching painting and drawing to support my studio work. In 1997 I moved to Eugene to run Oregon Arts Supply with my husband, and raise my son, while maintaining a studio in my home.I have worked in many mediums, from oils, acrylic, encaustic, pastel, watercolor and mixed media as well as a wide range of drawing tools and surfaces. I love the exploration of each one and the possibilities that each provide. I have a passion to create. Whether I am in my garden, woodworking in my garage or creating events at the store. It is something that has always been with me, even as a child.

The content of most of the work is about a narrative. A narrative that comes from a personal history that I explore and redefine as I move onto the next body of work. Some of my most recent work focuses on rich abstractions in acrylic on canvas, with a subtle reference to the Willamette Valley and the hills of Portland where I grew up.. I believe all of our experiences are somehow embedded inside us. Some come to the surface while others are obscure and remain underground or below the surface, an internal landscape. I use symbols and metaphors to convey the ideas behind my pieces. I take from a collection of objects and shapes that come from a personal reference or experience. In the process of making art I want to take what can be identifiable and shift it, take it out of context and reframe it, giving it new meaning. I like to explore beyond the perceived reference in the narrative of these pieces, abstract them, alter their immediate reference and create a pause from the viewer.

My mother was a bridge player. A card game that was always a mystery to me growing up. She was a fervent player.  Her children were on the sidelines as cards were shuffled and terms were called out to opponents.I had a complex relationship with my mother. I use shapes/objects to explore those complexities. I found the one shape, a club to be a useful object to use in a series of work I am producing currently. I am drawn to the duality of the word and the shape, how it reflects a piece of my past.

I explore a bird shape, a silo, a house, a tower, or a winged bee in much the same way. They all have connection to a piece of my history. Some become literal, many are not. I use pieces of language and experience and abstract them, continually reworking to find new meaning. There is always a conversation in my head that will play out as I begin a piece trying to define it's meaning in each new work.

 Eugene Scene by Randi Bjornstad | Jul 10, 2020  (Click  below)


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